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Prabowo: I'd Like To Express My Tremendous Gratitude to The Governments of Australia and The United States

Jakarta, - The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto expressed his gratitude for the involvement of the Australian Government in the search for the KRI 402 submarine.

Prabowo conveyed this through his Twitter account, Saturday (14/04/2021), by mentioning the Australian defense minister, Peter Dutton.

"On behalf of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, I’d like to express my tremendous gratitude for the help given by the Australian Government in the tragedy of the loss of contact KRI Nanggala 402 through the Minister of Defense His Excellency @PeterDutton_MP," he said.

Previously, through his Twitter account, Peter expressed his concern over the recent disappearance of an Indonesian submarine off the coast of Bali. The Australian Government has also offered assistance for this.

"I am very concerned by reports regarding an Indonesian submarine, KRI Nanggala, that is missing off the coast of Bali. I have spoken to Defence Minister @prabowo today to offer Australia’s assistance.," Peter said to Prabowo.

He continued, the Australian government has committed to provide whatever assistance is needed by the Indonesian government.

"We are committed to providing whatever help we can to assist our Indonesian neighbours in this time of need. My thoughts and Australia’s thoughts are with the Indonesian people and, in particular, the submariners and their families at this time.," explained Peter

Furthermore, Prabowo also expressed his gratitude for the attention and solidarity of the US government which US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III had conveyed to him.

"H.E. Lloyd Austin III @SecDef called me directly and expressed his sympathy with the families of the sailors who are now missing with the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala 402. We are very deeply thankful for the solidarity and assistance given to us by the US Government," he said.

LIoyd Austin, who previously expressed his concern for the Indonesian government, as well as the fate of the 53 sailors in it.

"This morning I spoke with Indonesian Defense Minister @Prabowo to express my heartfelt concern over the missing submarine and the uncertain fate of the 53 sailors on board. The U.S. is deploying reconnaissance assets to support the search effort," said LIoyd. (FikA)

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