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After the Suicide Bombing in Makassar, the "Proud to be Muslim" Hashtag was Trending on Twitter

Indonesia, - After the bombing incident in Makassar Cathedral Church on Sunday (March 28, 2021), the ""#BanggaMenjadiMuslim" hashtag suddenly appeared on social media, twitter in Indonesia.

Whether they are connected or not, but the hashtag is trending topic number 4 on Twitter.

No longer secret, if the sentiments of moslems and the talks of islamist extremists group are behind the string of events--often heard almost every after the bombing incidents in Indonesia.

Outside of that, Regarding the incident it self, the Head of the Indonesian Police Publicist Division, Inspector General Argo Yuwono said, that a suicide bomb occurred after Palma Sunday Mass at 10.28 Wita.

Estimated that as many as 20 people were injured in the incident. So far, it's been known that there were two bombers in this incident. (FikA)

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